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              The sole purpose of establishing a school is though imparting quality education and cater the needs of the parents who search for a school where their wards get better education, where as our focus is not only on quality education but doing something different. That’s the reason we have planned to make our school “A School with a difference”, where education can be fun. The very idea of A school with a difference inspired and instigated the “SHAKTI” educational and Charitable Trust under the patronage of which Eurokids, The New Age Euro School came into being and the trust is committed to leave no stone unturned to bring the school to the genith of excellence in scholastic and co-scholastic areas keeping pace with the latest educational reforms and policies for the holistic development of the students pursuing their studies here. Besides academics, our focus is to enrich our students in creative & critical thinking and soft skills, which are the need of the hour. The school further aims to provide a congenial atmosphere where students would find ample opportunities to explore their inherent talents and thus make dreams a reality. The school emphasises a cordial relationship and a good rapport between the teacher and the taught and between the teachers and the parents where each stake holder has the right to express his / her views sans hesitation.  It has been observed that most of the school aim to make huge profit ignoring the fiscal capabilities of the parents as a result of which a considerable number of marginalised and under privileged class of students are deprived of getting into a school of their choice. The school aims and resolutely committed to take the issue seriously with utmost priority and working on it to provide the under privileged opportunities to pursue their studies here thus to bridge a gap between the under privileged, downtrodden and economically sound and well to do family.


               This school is a co-educational English medium school that follows CBSE curriculum. The syllabi of all classes are planned with reference to NCERT published books and the reformations and changes as amended from time to time are implemented mutatis mutandis. The school has recruited qualified teaching faculties having an aptitude for teaching profession who are committed to take onus of teaching profession as a challenge. The infra structure facilities available in the school are at par with a modern school. In simple terms each class here is a smart class. The student teacher ratio is 30:2 which is an ideal ratio so far as hassle free teaching learning process is concerned. This being a day boarding school, students are provided extra classes to do their homework, clear their doubts and revise their lesson here at school itself sans extra cost. The school provides text books, note books, uniforms and all other essential items at a genuine price, thus easing the troubles of the parents to wonder about arranging the above. The school has well ventilated, spacious class rooms, well equipped Sc., SST, Math, English, Integrated Lab, Air Conditioned Computer Lab, Library, Indoor Play Station, Outdoor Play Station, Theatrical Room and Play Ground etc. Situated on the bank of Tampara lake it provides round the year a soothing atmosphere for comfortable teaching learning. The whole school is just like a family having a sharing and caring attitude.


                Our mission is to provide each of the students an equal opportunity lest he / she feels deprived, further we foster the students quest for learning and inquisitiveness to know how logical the contents of each lessons are. In addition to that our mission is to help the students comprehend things by doing / practising and not by memorising. In simple terms the mission is to provide students ample opportunities for joyful learning. Our vision is to bring a holistic development of each child, who would be not only a passionate learner but a compassionate human being liable to be proved a worthy global citizen of the country.


               The school being a vision-driver school committed to meet the educational needs of the students of the 21st Century, keeping pace with the changing scenario. Education in true sense should not be “what” or “When” but it should be “Why” and “How” “Education is not filling up the pail, but lighting of a fire (W.B. Yeats). This proves the very purpose of education and it is to ignite the curiosity of a child to draw out the best from him/ her. To materialise the above a dedicated team should always be ready and it is desirable that all concerned to school should be sincere, punctual, honest, diligent, cooperative, compassionate etc and should follow 3D principle that is DUTY, DEVOTION & DEDICATION.


                Striving for excellence, facilitating each irrespective of caste, creed, religion or class providing ample opportunities to all innovate & learn, create global citizens with moral values etc are the goals of the school. Our goal is that the ball should be kept rolling on and on and on and the flag should be kept high.

“The path from Dreams to Success does exist. May you have the vision to find it, the courage to get on to it and the perseverance to follow it” (Kalpana Chawla).

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